The world at home

The apostle Paul writes that he is "compelled by love" to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ sends His followers to all nations to be difference makers.

At EBC we understand that we have a responsibility and a duty to start by sharing the good news of God's unconditional grace at home, in our own communities, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces etc...

We are all meant to serve and minister, there is a place of ministry for everyone. Just ask any of our staff and leadership.


The world around us

At EBC we embrace our state and our nation. We pray and are actively working to make sure that everyone hears about God's love as shown in Scripture. We are very involved with local missions as well as in the refugee community of Clarkston GA.

We also send members around the USA to places like Vermont, Wyoming or Texas.

The world beyond us

As a community of faith we seek to find our role in sharing the Gospel around the world, specifically in areas thus far unreached. We have sent groups as far as Ghana, Africa.